BearingNet User Meeting 29-31 May 2022

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BearingNet User Meeting 29-31 May 2022

After all the Covid madness it was so nice to finally get back to some normality!

Dublin graced us with a little sunshine – enough for people to see some of the city and enjoy some live music in Temple Bar.

Everyone was in great spirits at the Welcome Reception, all happy to be together again enjoying some of Dublin’s finest Guinness (fun fact – over 2 evenings there were 1,247 beers consumed, 533 of these were pints of Guinness!).

Although this was a smaller meeting for us, with just under 280 delegates, it didn’t feel any different to a 400-person event. We took over the entire hotel, had enough space for all companies to have their own table space and the meeting room was buzzy and full of meetings.

I think the biggest criticism this year was the food, which personally I thought was good – mass cooking for hundreds of people is never going to be Michelin star, plus if the food is all there is to talk about it must mean the meeting itself was pretty good, so I will take that!

Some people like timed meetings and some like to keep it casual so this year we created a meeting planner where you could book specific times with other delegates or you could just indicate you wanted to meet at some point – a total of 360 hours of meetings were booked, not bad for 16 hours of meeting time!

A special thanks to all our sponsors and your efforts, it was great to see some different ideas being used for stands this year. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year.

There were still a number of companies that couldn’t join us due to Covid, and they were missed. But being in Dublin definitely felt like Covid was thankfully a thing of the past, hopefully.

All in all, it was a fabulous event. Nothing can beat being together, seeing someone’s face and hearing their tone of voice (especially with all the different languages we speak), I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the next meeting!

And finally a personal thanks from me, so many of you congratulated me on my new role at BearingNet and it was really very much appreciated. Thank you for your kind words and more so your support.

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