Perfect solution for movement of high axial load with precision


Perfect solution for movement of high axial load with precision

Multidimensions sources and supplies products which are typically high precision,critical components used in modern automated plant and machinery.

Combined bearing technology

One of its popular products is the combined bearing designed and manufactured by Winkel, Germany.

Here we take you through everything you need to know:

What is combined bearing technology?

Combined bearings are roller bearings that can carry both radial and axial loads.

The structure of combined bearing is in such a way that the axial and radial bearing operate at 90 degrees. The main load is carried by the radial bearing, whereas the axial bearing takes the side thrust. The combined bearing is used with profile rails or channels and the two main types of profiles are I and C profiles. The combined bearing slides into the profile rail resulting in the required linear motion. The combined bearing is wielded with flange plate for the mounting required as per the need of the application. This assembly is majorly used for heavy duty vertical and horizontal movement with precision.

How combined bearings are different from other linear motion technologies?

Combined bearings are typically for high load applications. For certain applications like dusty environments or high temperature environment, linear guides or ball screws can be replaced by combined bearings.

What are the selection parameters for combined bearings?

The following are the basic selection parameters.

1. Load Capacity – This is the load to be carried and the dead load (weight).

2. Load Distance – The distance of load from the suspension point.

3. Bearing Distance – The distance between the combined bearings in the assembly (the recommended distance is 500-1000mm).

4. Size Range – The combined bearings can be selected based on the O.D. The O.D. typically ranges from 52.5mm to 153.8mm. The O.D. of jumbo bearings ranges from 180mm to 320mm.

Apart from these basic parameters, other considerations such as in-situ applications requirement, workplace environment and temperature also need to be considered.

What are the applications of combined bearings?

Combined bearings can be efficiently used in different industries. Some of the major applications are as follows:

1. Steel – Combined bearings are used in Pickling Lines & Edge Wiper Machines in Cold Rolling Mill (CRM), billet conveyor, furnace trolley and transfer car in Bar and Structure Mill (BSM), Wire Rod Mill (WRM) and Hot Strip Mill (HSM).

2. Material Handling – Used in forklifts like Toyota forklift and Baoli forklift etc., Statec binder palletiser machine etc.

3. Aluminium – Combined bearings are used in stack loader and sow casting machine in cast house, PTM machine (hydraulic type) in aluminium smelting – pot room and in billet casting plant.

4. Automobile – used by line builders and in power electrical sectors.

5. Others – the combined bearing assemblies are used in many other industrial applications like transfer units, automation for different projects, packaging machines, wood and paper industry and general machine building.

Who are the leading manufacturers of combined bearings?

Winkel GmbH is a German company who pioneered combined bearings. Winkel is the leader in heavy lifting systems and has been serving the market for more than 38 years. There are many other manufacturers like Alfatec (Germany), Euro-Bearings LTD (UK), C.R. Bearings (Italy), FARO Bearings (Italy) and WD Bearings (China).

Multidimensions: The Company

Multidimensions supplies hard-to-find industrial products sourced from reputable manufacturers from Germany, Japan, USA and more to clients all across India. These products are typically high precision, critical components used in modern automated plant and machinery either by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) or by operating teams for their Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) requirements. Multidimensions is a trusted Indian partner of brands such as NSK & Tsubaki from Japan, Thomson & Portescap from USA, Nilos, Maedler, Winkel, Osborn and Fibro from Germany.

The company serves an extremely diverse customer base, ranging from Indian giants such as Reliance Industries, Tata Steel, Hindalco, Mahindra and Mahindra to smaller manufacturers in industries such as textile machine manufacturing and food processing. It has a highly trained fleet of sales engineers who understand and interpret customers’ needs and provide them with the technical solutions for the relevant applications. These engineers form the core of Multidimensions’ operations and take the company’s services well beyond the distributorship of products.

Multidimensions, which began its journey with the trading of bearings in Mumbai, besides best-in-class bearings, sells highly sophisticated precision engineering products used for precise motion and control in industrial equipment. These products include linear motion guides, ball screws, linear actuators, micro Motors, monocarrier, retaining rings and many more. Supplying high-end Cable Carriers and related products for automation and other applications along with high quality special purpose consumables such as grease for critical industrial applications.

The company maintains stock of fastmoving products to help the customer in the event of urgency even if the volume is low. When required by the customer, the company imports and stocks many products to make available at their doorstep on time without any hassle of import.

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