MASTA Bearing Housing joins BearingNet

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MASTA Bearing Housing joins BearingNet

The one-stop solution for bearing housing, accessories, and casting components. India-based, Masta Bearing Housing Pvt Ltd, is the latest company to join BearingNet as a manufacturer member.

For more than 70 years, the Masta Group, with its brand MASTA, has been one of the leading manufacturers of plummer-block bearing housings and various accessories, supporting more than 4,000 customers from over 40 countries worldwide. 

What does Masta Bearing Housing produce?

  • Bearing Housing
    Wide range of series and designs of bearing housing/plummer blocks with all types of shaft seals, suitable for grease and oil lubrication and water cooling arrangement.
  • Pillow Blocks
    A new range of pillow blocks with a compact structure, ideal sealing and ease of interchange with a reasonable range of self-alignment.
  • Castings
    Development and supply of casting components as-per customer’s drawings or sample products available. Castings can be supplied in graded cast iron, ductile iron, or cast steel as per the customer’s specifications.
  • Accessories
    Manufacturing of all types of bearing accessories such as Taconite Seal, Labyrinth Seal, V-Ring Seal and more. 

Masta Bearing Housing is a self-dependent manufacturing company with complete in-house production activities and its own foundry, machine shop, and related facilities. 

Visit their website to find out more:


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