Newtown Bearing Company partner with high end belt manufacturer SWR


Newtown Bearing Company partner with high end belt manufacturer SWR

Master Distributors for UK & Ireland offering one of the most comprehensive ranges in the market!

Newtown Bearing Company (NBC Group), a family run business founded in 1958 has grown into a leading supplier of bearings and component power transmission products from their location in Telford. Their group of more than 60 staff have a combined experience of over 1,000 years and are experienced in supplying customers worldwide.

After seeking a high-grade belt partner, Newtown are proud to announce their partnership with SWR “Germany” – a leading manufacturer of belts, supplying customers worldwide for over 50 years. SWR specialists are constantly working on developing new products to extend their present range.

With the most stringent quality controls along with the latest production technology, SWR can offer a “one-stopshop” for all your belt requirements in the toughest of environments. SWR has also recently become one of the world’s first manufacturers of belting and V-belts whose environmental performance has been certified with the Green Dove.

Due to the ever increasing demands in the market, SWR offer a comprehensive range of standard grade belts, alongside both single and banded belts with aramid cords. These are successfully used by OEM’s worldwide and comparable with any brand In the market.

Newtown have always prided themselves on offering a 100% delivery record for their customer base and look forward to solving any belt issues you may have!

Non-standard size? Let them manufacture it! Their in-house technical team have the ability to manufacture purpose designed for any application.

This new partnership between Newtown Bearings and SWR will allow for “high quality belts at competitive prices”. With a varied selection of belts, customers can guarantee competitive pricing with no compromise on quality.

  • Wrapped v-belts & banded belts in both standard and aramid cord
  • Raw edge cogged belts
  • Variable speed belts
  • Double section belts
  • Automotive belts
  • Poly-vee belts
  • Timing belts

Newtown can also deliver special designs to meet your particular needs. SWR has a large number of special designs in its programme, for example V-belts with profiled liners, special V-belts for the foodstuff industry, and designs with reinforcing aramid cords. Not only are SWR V-belts suitable without restrictions for use in tropical regions, but are also oil and heat-resistant up to 120°C. More detailed specifications are available on request. All SWR V-belts can be grouped individually into matched sets. All products are electrically conductive (anti-static) to DIN ISO 1813.

Contact here:
+44 1952 222400


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