GAES Group joins the energy efficiency movement

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GAES Group joins the energy efficiency movement

What is the Energy Efficiency Movement?

It is a simple but impactful solution to mitigate climate change. It is a first step to get closer to a future where all energy is clean energy.

Today, our planet is warning us of the problems that we will have in the short term if we do not change our habits. With this in mind, ABB have created this initiative. Grupo GAES share the values ​​of ABB, and could not agree more with this philosophy. That is why they have decided to join this movement .

What are these measures?

The objectives that they commit to meet are:

Internal: Reduce CO2 emissions and energy use by 20% by 2025, thanks to the installation of more efficient engines in our factory, as well as the implementation of LED systems for lighting and the installation of solar panels.

External: Helping at least 30% of their customers change engines for more efficient ones in their factories by 2030, in order to achieve the desired green planet.

This is a movement that welcomes companies and organizations from all sectors that are willing to commit to concrete actions. 

Through this link you can discover more about this Movement and the proposed solutions.

Source: Grupo Gaes

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