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BearingNet… More than just bearings!

A strong brand is brilliant, but we all know it is something you can get stuck with. BearingNet should just be for bearings right?

Well, that’s what the name says, and we can’t just change the name, as it’s our brand, our baby so we stick with it. But BearingNet has become so much more than just bearings, and it’s about to become even more!

In January 2023, we are launching our latest project, Industrial Parts Directory. This has been a request we have received for years, companies want to list all their other parts on BearingNet, but for so many part types the search doesn’t work. Bearings are beautifully simple, they have a single part number common across a number of brands, standardised part numbers, lovely.

This is something we discovered with FluidPowerNet, we assumed this platform would work exactly the same as BearingNet, and whilst the premise is the same and we can still create the same sense of community we have discovered that the parts are much more complicated and different companies use different part numbers for the same part.

So instead of launching, for example, ‘FastnerNet’, we are opening an Industrial Parts Directory and inviting all industrial suppliers to join this directory to advertise their company and contact information (which will be kept up to date), to upload their inventory list via pdf, excel document and more on their company details page, to be able to view the BearingNet ‘emergency supply wanted page’ and the ‘special offers page’.

An annual directory listing will be just £250 and you can be part of the BearingNet community which already has 7,000+ individual users.

There is most definitely strength in numbers, and the BearingNet platform has just that, with over 250,000 logins every month this hugely active site is the best place to advertise your company and your products and the best place to keep your information up to date.

BearingNet is quickly becoming a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your industrial needs, and whilst developing features to support more companies we are still very aware that the bearings search database is the heart of BearingNet, so don’t worry, nothing will ever compromise that, everything we are doing is to make the platform stronger and to offer more value for the companies using it.

If you would like to add your company to the Industrial Parts Directory get in touch, email


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