Cylindrical roller bearings, tips & tricks


Cylindrical roller bearings, tips & tricks

As a specialized supplier of cylindrical roller bearings , IBS often talk to their customers about the application and use of cylindrical roller bearings. Do you also have applications for cylindrical roller bearings? Then read their tips & tricks.

Cylindrical bearings?

Cylindrical roller bearings (see picture) are bearings that use roller-shaped elements (cylinders) instead of balls. They are widely used in a variety of heavier applications. Think of machines, motors, compressors, fans and pumps. In vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains and ships, in wheels, steering gear and other moving parts. The list of applications is actually endless, cylindrical roller bearings are used almost everywhere where there are moving parts.

The application

What the cylindrical roller bearings are used for determines the specifications of the bearing. There are different versions in which a number of types can, for example, absorb minor axial forces and others cannot. The same goes for recording a moment. Only the double-row full-roller types are suitable for the latter.


It is important to choose the right bearing for the right environmental factors. Make an inventory of whether the bearing has to function in, for example, an environment with moisture, seawater, pollution and choose a bearing with properties that are suitable for this.


Is bearing life / quality important? For example, to prevent maintenance? Then choose a reputable brand, or ask for alternatives with the same quality. The quality depends on the materials, but the production process and quality controls also influence the quality.

Ask for alternatives

In order to get the best price and quality, it is wise to ask for alternatives. Ask for advice based on the application and the environment, so that you can make a good comparison.

Source: IBS

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