Rotamec Calls On SWMAS To Help Drive Their Ambitious Net Zero Plans


Rotamec Calls On SWMAS To Help Drive Their Ambitious Net Zero Plans

Rotamec’s plan for Net Zero

After attending a business improvement webinar hosted by SWMAS, Rotamec joined the Nuclear Peer Network Group, which is where they were made aware of how the Make it Net Zero Programme could benefit the group. 

As a company they were keen to access this support, recognising the need to help lower carbon and the importance of net zero as part of their future strategy. The Rotamec group are embracing this concept sooner rather than later to become more energy efficient, and will use their net zero credentials to reassure their customers of their commitment to the environment. 

When the Make it Net Zero Specialist kicked off this support with an initial meeting, it became clear that, although as a company Rotamec recognised the need to reduce carbon, their team needed some extra support to understand and record current emissions, and plan the next steps of their net zero journey. 

Once the initial data had been gathered, a verified carbon foot-printing tool was used to measure the amount of carbon currently being emitted. Once this was established, SWMAS used this data as a benchmark and collaborated with the team to identify some immediate carbon savings. They then helped them to decide upon future objectives that would further reduce both carbon emissions, and operating costs. 

As this support unfolded, it became apparent that business mileage was a key contributing factor to their overall carbon footprint. To address this, their Sales Director Paul Pearce, recently replaced his diesel car with a Hybrid vehicle. As a member of staff who travels frequently, this improvement has already helped to reduce overall emissions. Going forward, it was recommended that they undertake regular Energy & Transport Reviews to monitor the impact of the changes made and help identify further improvements.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Rotamec. They are very enthusiastic about progressing their net zero journey and we are happy to provide the expertise and tools they need to make this happen. The management involved the whole team in the changes being made, and there’s been a fantastic level of engagement from everyone. I look forward to continuing to support this company as they progress towards their 2050 net zero target. “Don Parsons, Net Zero Specialist


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