Iris Chains join BearingNet!

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Iris Chains join BearingNet!

BearingNet welcome Iris Chains to BearingNet as a new map member!

Iris Chains have been manufacturing high-quality roller chains since 1935. With more than 87 years of reinvention they have now become a leading worldwide developer and manufacturer in the chain sector. Iris Chains is able to offer trustworthy solutions to an extensive global portfolio of markets thanks to their extensive experience, great technical know-how and a diversified catalogue in two sectors (industrial chains and motorcycle chains).

They manufacture in their main hall in Spain where they export to more than 55 countries across all 5 continents with the “best delivery times”. They provide over 7685+ chain models for the automotive, packaging, food, agriculture, construction, wood, textile, mining industries and more.

You can find out more on the BearingNet platform or via their website:

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