ISB Angular contact ball bearings: 70, 72, 73 series


ISB Angular contact ball bearings: 70, 72, 73 series

Quiet Running Performances

Single row angular contact ball bearings, also identified with the acronym ACBB (Angular Contact Ball Bearing), are units with very peculiar features and constitute the 70, 72, 73 series. Created to support combined radial and axial loads with high rigidity, they have a row of balls working on mutually offset races in the axial direction. This structure generates an angular ball contact with a determined angle over which the load acting on the bearing is transmitted. Precisely for this fundamental constructive structure, the races of the angular bearings are the subject of accurate geometry studies and their machining is particularly challenging.

For ISB the 70, 72, 73 series angular contact ball bearings range is a strength, precisely because of its excellent functional features.

With ISB angular contact ball bearings, it is possible to obtain extraordinary performance in terms of running silence and service life, for all applications and needs, relying on qualified technical support fundamental for the selection and assembly of these ball bearing units.

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