Flodraulic Group: Beyond the know-how

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Flodraulic Group: Beyond the know-how

A story of fluid power, electrical and mechanical technologies.

Flodraulic Group was founded in 1980 in Toronto, Canada, as a full-service design and manufacturing company. Year-by-year the group continues to grow, developing new skills and acquiring new competencies, thanks to the organic increase and acquisition of new companies. 

It is the mission of Flodraulic Group to be a global leader in motion control technologies by bringing the best people, the best products and the best solutions to our customers. More than 650 employees are now part of the group across the USA, Canada and Europe. 

In Europe, the group expansion began in 2016 with a precise industrial design: the identification of highly specialised companies in the various fields of hydraulics and electronics. This collection of companies gave life to Flodraulic Europe. The headquarters are located in Bologna, Italy: a great recognition for our territory, evaluated as the most suitable and strategic in terms of competence, high professionalism, resources and attractiveness. 

At Flodraulic, we deal with complex hydraulic systems, we have incredible customers, and we recognise the value of the territory as fundamental. We didn’t create this knowledge, we inherited it. It is our job to develop, disseminate and share the know-how and experience. 

For this reason, our goal is, and remains, the creation of a European network that makes excellence the engine of its decisions. 

“I believe that there’s a deep connection between companies results, work-life balances, the challenges it faces and the territory that hosts that company. We are lucky that our group has its own roots in Emilia-Romagna, right into the hydraulic valley: engineering, mechanics, mechatronics and entrepreneurial spirit meet here, giving life to an innovative and cutting-edge soul.” Massimo Dovesi, Flodraulic Europe President. 

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