Orlando… now famous for an excellent User Meeting!

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Orlando… now famous for an excellent User Meeting!

Orlando is most famous for its theme parks, but now it’s also famous for an excellent BearingNet User Meeting.

Everyone got something out of the meeting, whether that be new business connections or a cold from the really hot air outside the hotel mixed with the freezing cold air-conditioning inside the hotel!

Orlando was our 19th User Meeting, and they do genuinely get better with each meeting we hold. We pride ourselves in being a ‘friendly bunch of people’ and we have tried to create meetings that reflect exactly that; nothing too formal, no long speeches, just a way of ensuring you guys have a space to get together, do some really good business, have some conversations that would never have happened if you hadn’t been in the same room together and to get to see all your BearingNet friends in a pretty cool location.

So many of the people that come to our meetings are ‘old timers’, people that come year-after-year, because you just can’t beat that ‘face-to-face, let’s have a chat, let’s have a beer’ type of connection. However, we noticed more first-time delegates in Orlando, one even said ‘this is the first time I have heard of a BearingNet meeting’…sorry what?!? He ended up having such a great time he said he would definitely come to the next meeting. The key thing to take away from this scenario is not to go home and fire the entire BearingNet marketing team (because they are actually brilliant), but that the way people receive information is so different of each person. This particular person joined us because we decided to call our US members instead of just emailing everyone; emails work for some, phone calls work for others, but I guarantee you a face-to-face meeting works for everyone.

The US User Meetings gets around 140 delegates compared to the European meetings that have over 400. But there is something very charming about the smaller events; firstly, you can meet over 40 US companies at the US meeting which you can’t do at the European meeting, but secondly, the smaller meetings are a lot more intimate, there is more time to talk to each other, everything is a little less rushed and chaotic and it just feels like you the time to take a breath and soak it all up.

So, all in all, we enjoyed hosting the event and seeing so many members, the delegates (so they told me!) had a really good time and the moral of the story is, you should all come to a BearingNet User Meeting at least once in your life, and I guarantee you will come again!

View all Orlando highlights here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/NXWQw8PHsHR4uxkz6

See you in Berlin 5-7 October 2023.

Very warm Orlando regards,

The BearingNet team

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