Spanish Grupo GAES Prove That Change Can Lead To Better Things Following The COVID Pandemic


Spanish Grupo GAES Prove That Change Can Lead To Better Things Following The COVID Pandemic

Following a two-year evolution, Grupo GAES explain if they are better off as a company.

Two years ago, we wrote (in this same publication) about the changes we were going through as a company due to COVID. This time, we write with the clarity of hindsight.

It’s interesting to see how the industrial sector returns little by little (to the extent possible) to its natural state, after the ravages of the pandemic. We have not all come back the same though: in most cases, changes (both personal and professional) have been obligatory, but some have turned out to be for the better.

GAES Group, for instance: we believe in the end we have come out stronger as a Group. We have become more organized. We have fine-tuned our warehouses and logistics to be even more effective. To make things easier for ourselves, we have adapted a series of practices that we are gradually implementing in all our delegations. We have found that there are different (and efficient) ways of relating to and working with each other.

Also on a personal level, attitudes are different. In general, we have become more patient, more tolerant. We have a renewed confidence in our ability and a great desire to go even further.

An example of this is that in 2022 we have participated in five industry fairs. There was a desire to meet in person with our customers, our suppliers and other colleagues in the sector. Because Zoom is great, but real contact is even better. We have strengthened ties and we have looked into each other’s eyes without a screen in between. We have shown that we are here.

As all of us who read Best Bits know, there is much more to being a business than just buying and selling products. At GAES Group we understand it clearly: it is the people who make the company day by day. And we hope to continue like this for a long, long time.

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