PFI Bearings Celebrates 30 Years 


PFI Bearings Celebrates 30 Years 

The American company celebrates 3 decades of offering all-in-one bearing solutions to more than 70 countries. 

PFI Bearings, celebrates 30 years in the bearing business. From its early days, with the production of electrical bearings, the company has evolved into the current multi-national corporation with a global footprint that we know today. Producing over 2,000 different SKUs, significantly increasing its range in size and coverage and in technological complexity. 3 decades of success, defined by PFI’s key factors: high-quality bearings, reliable service, comprehensive range, and stock proximity. 

PFI Bearings delivers OEM-quality bearings for agricultural, industrial, and automotive (light, medium, and heavy-duty) applications. Its main lines are alternator and starter bearings, A/C compressor bearings, clutch release bearings, transmission bearings, electrical motor bearings, differential bearings, tensioner bearings, and wheel bearings. 

The company currently counts on an extensive network of highly optimised, strategic regional distribution centres all over the world, from North to South America, Asia and Europe. This ensures seamless service to all customers and supports its presence in more than 70 countries. 

Service is at the heart of PFI’s strategy, and its vision is to continue enhancing this competitive edge by increasing the number of subsidiaries worldwide. “We want to bring the product closer to the customer, reducing all the hassle of importing procedures and simplifying the buying process. We believe there is real added value in that, and we have a few interesting markets in the pipeline for our next subsidiaries. We also plan on increasing capacity for our existing ones”, points out Felipe Martin, PFI General Manager. “We continue to expand the product range, keeping it up to date with the latest customer requirements and market trends, such as vehicle electrification and smart mobility.” 

The company, which is now part of Fersa Group, foresees a brighter and fast-growing future following its acquisition in February 2022.

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