Fersa Bearings and PFI Bearings join APRA Europe to support automotive remanufacturers


Fersa Bearings and PFI Bearings join APRA Europe to support automotive remanufacturers

This membership is an opportunity for the two Fersa Group brands to collaborate with other industry leaders in promoting remanufacturing as a sustainable solution for the automotive industry.

Fersa Bearings and PFI Bearings, two leading manufacturers of precision bearings, have recently announced their membership in APRA Europe, the global association that represents the interests of automotive remanufacturing companies. The decision reflects the companies’ commitment to the growth and development of the remanufacturing industry.

APRA Europe promotes remanufacturing as an integral part of the circular economy and represents the interests of the industry, including free trade, an independent aftermarket, and legal certainty.
As a part of APRA Europe, Fersa Bearings and PFI Bearings will contribute their expertise and repair solutions to support APRA members in enhancing the quality of transmissions, alternators and starters being remanufactured in Europe. APRA Europe promotes remanufacturing as an integral part of the circular economy and represents the interests of the industry, including free trade, an independent aftermarket, and legal certainty.

“This is a great opportunity for PFI Bearings to contribute to the growth and development of the remanufacturing industry,” said Felipe Martin, General Manager at PFI Bearings. “We believe that our expertise and complete range of bearings solutions for electrical motors, alternators, starters and A/C compressors will enable APRA Europe to better support the needs of the remanufacturer community.”
Jose Ramón Blasco, Global Sales Division Manager at Fersa Bearings, commented: “We are excited to join APRA and support the remanufacturing industry. We want to share our extensive OEM and Tier1 experience working with the world’s top heavy-duty transmission and differential manufacturers, and collaborate with other APRA members to enhance the quality and reliability of remanufactured automated transmissions, ultimately benefiting both consumers and the environment.”
Fersa Bearings and PFI Bearings are both renowned for their commitment to quality, and innovation in the bearings industry. Joining APRA Europe is a testament to their shared vision for the future of the rebuilding industry.

Felipe Martin, General Manager of PFI Bearings, added, “We are thrilled to become a member of APRA Europe and eager to work with fellow industry leaders to promote innovation and growth in the remanufacturing sector. As a trusted partner in the global automotive aftermarket, we are committed to delivering top-quality products and exceptional service to support other APRA members.”
Jeremías Osío, Global Marketing Division Manager of Fersa Group, concluded, “At Fersa Group we are committed to supporting sustainable mobility as a way to protect the environment, and we believe that rebuilders play a crucial role in achieving that goal. We share APRA’s vision of supporting remanufacturing as a circular and sustainable solution for the automotive industry, and we are excited to work together with other members of the association to explore opportunities for mutual growth, and develop new products and services adapted to their needs.”

About Fersa Bearings:

Fersa Bearings is a renowned European manufacturer of high-performance powertrain solutions, trusted by the world’s leading OEM and Tier 1 suppliers globally. The company is headquartered in Zaragoza, Spain, and is part of Fersa Group.
Specializing in European and American truck applications, Fersa Bearings offers innovative and comprehensive bearing and powertrain solutions for high-efficiency differentials and automated transmissions used in heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Their products are of exceptional quality and are widely used for rebuilding and repairing truck vehicles.
Fersa Bearings’ diverse range of solutions includes bearings, bearing kits, clutch actuators, tools, and software that are specifically designed to simplify the repair process for the most popular truck applications. Their dedication to delivering high-quality, innovative, and complete solutions has earned them a reputation as a trusted partner for rebuilders and repairers in the commercial vehicle industry.

About PFI Bearings:

PFI Bearings is an American company that specializes in automotive bearings for light-duty vehicles. Founded 30 years ago, the company has gained a strong reputation in the OEM and aftermarket of electric motors and starters. Their products are designed in the USA and distributed globally to over 70 countries, with distribution centers in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Netherlands, Mexico, China, and Kenya.

PFI Bearings has a workforce of 70 skilled employees who ensure that their products are developed and manufactured to the highest standards. In February 2022, the company became a part of the Fersa Group, a leading European corporation and manufacturer, expanding their engineering capabilities and enabling them to offer an even broader range of quality bearings solutions for alternators and starters of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.
As a customer-centric company, PFI Bearings is committed to providing excellent quality-price ratio and agile product development to support remanufacturers with an extensive product range that caters to the needs of the market. Their goal is to deliver the best products and services to their clients.

About APRA Europe:

APRA is the only global association that has been representing the interests of automotive remanufacturing companies since 1941. APRA’s Europe Middle East Africa division (EMEA) is well-known as APRA Europe and based in Brussels, Belgium. The association’s approx. 600 members worldwide are primarily tier 1 suppliers and independent remanufacturers as well as core brokers. Together with FIRM, which merged into APRA Europe, we now represent approx. two-thirds of all employees in the European automotive remanufacturing industry.

Source: Fersa Group

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