Roller Chain: An integral asset of the agricultural sector


Roller Chain: An integral asset of the agricultural sector

Bolton Engineering Products: Agriculture plays a very important role in the world economy. With its extraordinary contribution towards generating massive employment in the world, it uses the most advanced machinery. These advanced machineries are installed with hi-tech technology and top-notch quality products which enable smooth functioning and high production in the given span of time. To enhance the smooth functioning of the agricultural sector machinery, the roller chain supplier advances the top-quality chain which eliminates the glitch during its functioning.

There are various uses of roller chains in the agricultural sector. Its application has not only enhanced productivity but also saves an ample amount of time. Let’s highlight the best uses of roller chains in the agricultural field.

Farming Machinery

In farming machinery, roller chains are an important component that is deployed to attain high yielded productivity. It is used to transmit the power within the machinery from the engine or motor to the different components such as wheels, cutting blades, conveyors, and the moving parts of the machine. The prime machinery in which roller chains are used are;

  • Tractor
  • Combines
  • Harvester
  • Baler
  • Sprayer

Grain Handling

As with other machinery that uses roller chains, grain handling also works efficiently with the aid of roller chains. They advance the required power transmission to move grains from one location to another. The effective procedure ensures effective grain processing and storage. In grain handling, roller chains are mostly used in the following ways:

  • Grain Augers
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Grains Conveyors

Conveyor System

The best quality chains supplied by the roller chain supplier are extensively used in agriculture conveyor systems. These conveyors are designed to enhance the bulk transportation of heavy and bulky materials such as grains, seeds, fertilisers, hay stacks, etc. The effectiveness of roller chains makes them more efficient and ideal for conveying applications.

Irrigation System

Roller chains play a very important role in the irrigation system. They are especially used in the pivot and lateral move systems. They are functional with the capacity to produce the movement and rotation of the irrigation equipment. The effective and systematic rotation of the equipment ensures the equal distribution of water across the field. Additionally, the roller chains are the most durable and reliable, even with the prospect of challenging environmental conditions.

Sprayers and spreaders

To protect the harvest from various kinds of pests or insects, it is very important to go for the application of fertilisers, herbicides, pesticides, etc. The roller chain suppliers ensure that the sprayers and spreaders, which utilise the best application of the roller chains, enhance the equal and adequate distribution of these substances. The proper distribution of the protective element ensures the healthy and high-yielding productivity of the crops.

Key points to take.

The roller chain suppliers play a very important role in the case of agricultural equipment. The Roller chains are the best component of the agricultural procedure. They are important for high-yield productivity, along with the following key points.

  • It accelerates the transmission of power from the motor or engine.
  • It is an integral part of the complete harvesting process.
  • Roller chains are well equipped to perform the smooth function of irrigation equipment.
  • It enhances the movement of grains from storage facilities to processing areas or transport vehicles.
  • It is well-designed to assist in the cutting mechanisms.
  • They ensure favorable environmental conditions for the plant’s growth.

Final words

It is evident that for the production of healthy and surplus agricultural products, efficient machinery and equipment are required. These machineries are pre-installed with the roller chain that enhances its smooth functioning.


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