Cylindrical roller bearings: what are these? & how to choose the right ones?


Cylindrical roller bearings: what are these? & how to choose the right ones?

Bearings are essentially used in machinery to bear the load while restricting friction and motion between the mobile parts of the machinery. The cylindrical roller bearing is also a kind of bearing that is used to carry heavy loads in machinery. These are the essential tools to maintain the efficiency and functionality of the machine by carrying heavy loads while moving freely in the axial direction. So, let us know more about this significant tool and its associated advantages in detail, and learn how to choose the right ones while buying the ideal cylindrical bearings from reliable roller-bearing suppliers.

What is a cylindrical roller bearing?

Cylindrical roller bearings are a bit different from other types of bearings as they are contact-type bearings that use cylindrical rolling parts. Moreover, they have better circular load-bearing capacity because of being in linear contact with the raceways. The low-friction quality of the cylindrical bearings makes them the optimum alternative for speedy machinery.

Roller bearing suppliers generally deal in spherical, needle, and tapered variants of cylindrical roller bearings. These roller bearings consist of peripherals like inner rings, outer rings, a cage, and rollers. Out of these four elements, the rollers and the rings are meant to carry the load whereas the primary function of the cage is to keep the rollers in place.

The widely popular and preferred materials that are used for making cylindrical roller bearings have to be machined brass, pressed steel, hardened high carbon steel, carburized low carbon steel, and moulded polyamide. Roller bearings made from these materials are used to bear heavy shock loads.

 What are the advantages of using cylindrical roller bearings?

Mechanised and calculated use of cylindrical roller bearings in machinery has various advantages, including but not limited to,

  • Enhanced capability of bearing heavy loads.
  • Higher functioning speed.
  • Increased stiffness.
  • Versatile handling of axial and radial loads.
  • Prolonged lifespan of machinery, etc.

These are some of the advantages that make cylindrical roller bearings an absolute necessity for heavy load machines and equipment.

How to choose the ideal cylindrical roller bearings?

There are certain specifications that are needed to be kept under consideration while choosing the most adequate cylindrical roller bearings.

  • Dimension of the bearing- While buying a roller bearing from roller bearing suppliersone must keep account of all the necessary dimensions. Dimension of the metric diameter bore, the overall width of the outer ring, and the overall width of the ring in general, including the dimensions of the locking collar should be checked for better quality and performance.
  • Operational specifications of the bearing- There are several operational features that need to be considered such as, whether the bearing is a single row or double row, the rated speed of the bearing, the thrust load capacity of the bearing, etc.
  • Material from which the bearings are made- As mentioned above, there are several materials from which a cylindrical roller bearing could be made. You need to choose the ones that are made of the material that is most suitable to your requirement.


The world of cylindrical roller bearings is not as constrained as it appears. There are various aspects and specifications that need to be considered while buying the best bearings for your mechanical equipment. However, the most essential factor is to get them from reliable roller bearing suppliers like us. Feel free to contact us for getting the most durable and high-quality cylindrical roller bearings that would increase the efficiency and durability of your machinery by leaps and bounds.

Source: Bolton Engineering Products

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