BearingNet is going green!

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BearingNet is going green!

BearingNet is going green!

Well… not completely. We are still very much blue, but we have decided to do our bit for the planet.

By reducing the number of printed magazines we distribute to our members, we will subsequently reduce our impact on the environment from shipping and printed material. The majority of our magazines will be distributed digitally, and we will plant a tree with tree-nation for every issue we do not send to print.

Tree-Nation is on a mission to reforest the world, planting trees as an efficient solution to fight climate change. They are helping organisations around the world to plant trees on behalf of their companies in order to offset their CO2 emissions.

BearingNet will be planting over 2,000 trees to benefit the Eden Reforestation Projects of Madagascar on the southeastern coast of Africa. This will offset over 80,000 Kg of CO2. That is the equivalent of over 556,000 kilometres of driving or 164 passengers’ roundtrip flights to Munich! (

Do you want to get involved? Visit Tree-Nation now to find out more about their projects.

Read the digital version of Best Bits Autumn edition online here:

If you do still feel the need to read a printed version, we will happily send you a copy, as we are printing a small amount. Email us at to request one.

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