New GAES Group project: introducing an integration department

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New GAES Group project: introducing an integration department

Highly experienced engineers have been assembled for automation and integration applications at Grupo Gaes.

GAES Group’s strategy, since it originated over 60 years ago, has always been to bring value to the industrial market in each sector. Initially, it ensured the supply of bearings for its customers’ production needs. Then came the incorporation of transmission elements to provide the ‘complete package’ required by customers. This was followed by the assembly of reducers, customisation of components, linear workshop, technical office, machining workshop, linear tables both from catalogue and designed by the technical office, predictive maintenance, and more.

The focus has always been on being a reliable partner and providing customers with what they needed as times changed and needs evolved. All sectors have evolved in recent years, particularly the industrial sector, where electronics and mechanics have given way to the concept of mechatronics.

Within its portfolio of products and services, GAES Group has strategic suppliers that help combine the realities of mechanics and electronics in products and services, such as ABB, PANASONIC,
HIWIN, etc. This, along with current market needs, has led to the creation of a new business unit within the GAES Group – the Integration Department.

This department is located within one of the group’s companies, GAES MIKROSYSTEM (Madrid), and is composed of highly experienced engineers in various automation and integration applications. In continuous interaction with customers’ key contacts, the department provides services to offer an integrated system of electronic and mechanical elements. For example, it combines a servo motor (HIWIN or PANASONIC) with pre-programmed drivers and a screen on the electronic side, along with all the mechanical elements (reducer, etc.). It also offers pre-assembled and programmed robots (HIWIN) for various applications, customised linear motors (HIWIN) for specific customer applications, programmed drivers (ABB) with mounted electrical cabinets, and sensors for “online” predictive maintenance (ABB).

These sensors are installed in the customer’s facility on motors, reducers,or bearings, programmed to provide the necessary data for verifying the proper functioning of mechanical elements, among others. These are some examples of the services provided by this department, which already has extensive experience in implementing applications over time.

In addition to the experience and professionalism of the GAES Mechanical Systems team available to customers, there is the unconditional support of the partners they work with (ABB, PANASONIC, HIWIN, etc.) and the commitment they demonstrate day-byday. They provide potential solutions
based on customer needs and offer support from their technical departments once the project is defined, resulting in excellent collaboration and outcomes.

We do not know what the next challenge in the industrial market will be, but undoubtedly, GAES Group will be there to offer its best.

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