Introduction To The Applications Of Linear Motion Technology

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Introduction To The Applications Of Linear Motion Technology

In the world of Machinery and Automation, we see linear bearings as a driving force within operations that require motion along X, Y and Z axis.

With the ability to withstand high loads whilst performing precise movement, linear bearings are favoured in a wide range of environments.

We can see great examples of Linear performance in Factories, The Food Industry and the Medical industry. Each sector requiring something different from the bearing than the other.

In factories, a bearing can be exposed to coarse and fine particles at all hours of the day, all the while being put through high-load bearing tasks at a demanding pace. To combat this, manufacturers will include features in their designs to delay the wearing of materials when exposed to challenges in these environments.

How we see linear bearings being used in the Food industry may differ, and may be required to withstand a whole new set of challenges.

In the Food and Beverage industry, bearings are mainly exposed to Fluids rather than particles and debris. If you aren’t sealing the bearing and ensuring the components are corrosion resistant, you can be open to problems such as; rust and corrosion, sludge formation in the oil and premature oxidation of the base. All things that will drastically reduce performance levels of the bearing over time.

In the most extreme environments, like a Joinery for example, a bearing might be exposed to abnormal amounts of fine dust and debris every day. A challenge that manufacturers face when supplying their products in these areas of the manufacturing industry.

Solutions however are vast, and come in all categories.

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