PFI Bearings, a leading provider of quality bearings for agricultural applications


PFI Bearings, a leading provider of quality bearings for agricultural applications

The American bearing brand is committed to developing and expanding in the agriculture market.

In an era where reliable performance and durability are paramount, PFI Bearings, a company of Fersa Group, has emerged as a prominent American bearing company, based in Ohio, USA.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering OEM-quality bearings, PFI has established itself as a trusted bearing provider for a wide range of applications, including electric vehicles, light-duty automotive, agricultural attachments, and industrial MRO.

From its humble beginnings as a small producer of electrical bearings in the United States, PFI has evolved into a multinational company with an extensive global footprint. With a comprehensive product range and a focus on customer service and proximity, PFI Bearings continues to set new standards in the industry.

Agriculture: A Cornerstone of PFI’s Success

Among the various sectors PFI caters to, agriculture stands out as a key area of expertise. PFI’s bearings for agricultural applications are designed to be maintenance-free, greased, and sealed for life. These premium features ensure maximum protection against dirt, dust, and humidity.

PFI’s agricultural bearings possess exceptional impact resistance, facilitating easy assembly and disassembly. Moreover, their high stiffness minimises disc tilt, resulting in increased productivity and prolonged operational life on the field.

PFI’s Agri-Hubs: Engineered for Optimal Performance

At the heart of PFI’s agricultural offerings lies their specialised agri-hubs. These meticulously crafted components boast a double-row angular contact ball bearing with a forged steel integrated flange.

To tackle the demanding agricultural environments, PFI has incorporated the advanced sealing system known as the mud block seal. This allows the bearings to withstand the rigors of muddy conditions while effectively preventing the ingress of foreign matter, including moisture and water.

Remarkably, the agri-hubs retain their integrity even when subjected to pressure-washing after use, further underscoring PFI’s commitment to uncompromising quality.

Global Reach and Customer- Centric Approach

With an extensive network of strategically located regional distribution centres spanning across the globe, PFI ensures seamless service to its customers in over 70 countries.

These optimised distribution centres, present in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Kenya, USA and Australia, enable PFI to bring its products closer to customers, streamlining import procedures and simplifying the buying process. 

“Our focus on proximity and our customer-centric approach are key for establishing PFI as the preferred partner in the industry, therefore we plan on expanding our presence with more distribution centres in Africa and Asia”, explains Rami Chirila, PFI Global Sales Director.

Forward-Thinking Vision

Service and availability lie at the core of PFI’s business strategy. The company’s vision is to further enhance its competitive edge by expanding its global footprint through the establishment of additional subsidiaries.

This expansion not only aims to bring products closer to customers but also to increase capacity in existing markets. By staying attuned to customer requirements and market trends, PFI remains committed to developing solutions for vehicle electrification and demanding agri-machinery, thus solidifying its position as an industry leader.

Expanding Product Range and Innovations

PFI’s pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction is evident through its continuous efforts to develop innovative and practical solutions.

The company consistently introduces new products to meet evolving customer needs. PFI Europe Sales Area Manager, Wojtek Jasinski, addresses that “in the coming months, PFI plans to launch a range of new agricultural items, thereby expanding its product offerings”. 

This commitment to growth and expansion in the agriculture market reinforces PFI’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of industry trends.                    


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