Linear technology: A growth market


Linear technology: A growth market

How the technical trade can tap sales potential with linear technology.

Linear technology means components and systems that provide linear motion in drive technology. With the rise of automation in many industries, the demand for linear systems is also growing. This product range is therefore becoming increasingly important in the technical sales business. This article will tell you which industries have sales potential in the area of linear technology and how PICARD can support you in tapping this potential.

Better product quality using fewer resources with greater productivity – this goal can determine business success in many industries. Time and cost pressures are rising, leading many industries to rely more and more on automation. The solution: linear technology. The advantages lie in its precision, repeatability, rigidity, and high load capacity, enabling a significant improvement in quality, efficiency, and performance for many applications. Linear systems are already being used in areas such as aircraft controls, satellite movements, rocket mechanisms, and even in medical and surgical instruments.

In the development of new automation solutions, linear technology is an essential element. Especially in the field of robotics, linear motion sequences are often required for components such as grippers, positioners, and other handling equipment. The Fourth Industrial Revolution would be inconceivable without linear technology. It is with the help of linear technology that industry is able to move forward with smart factories and intelligent manufacturing methods.

In terms of resource efficiency linear motion technology also offers considerable potential. This is because decision-makers in the industrial sector will continue to focus intensely on resource savings and energy cost reductions in the future. The advantage of linear technology: it reduces friction and wear while maximising precision and can significantly lower energy consumption in many applications.

Linear technology is already being used successfully in mechanical engineering, electronics, food, packaging, printing and paper, aerospace, and medical technology. Increasing automation means steady market growth. This offers technical retailers the opportunity to expand their customer base and thereby access untapped sales potential.

PICARD – The partner for your linear technology business

In addition to customer acquisition and linear product sales, the success of your business depends on four factors: a wide range of products, fast service, flexible logistics options, and technical know-how. PICARD offers and supports their customers, whether they are just entering the linear technology business or already have linear technology in their product range. 

Product range

As one of the largest wholesalers in rolling bearings and linear motion technology in Europe, we offer the technical trade an extensive range of linear products – in stock with immediate availability.

Configurable products include ball & roller guides, miniature rails, guideways, shafts, threaded spindles, and grooved & spline shafts, all from brands such as INA, Schneeberger, THK, Bosch Rexroth, NSK, SNR, Ewellix to name a few.

Products available per piece include flat & slide rails, flat rail guide carriages & connections, carriages & accessories, trolleys & accessories, bushings / linear ball bearings, ball transfer units, ball screw nuts, linear ball bearing units & shaft trestles, and cover caps.


PICARD’s services offer maximum efficiency in ordering linear products, so companies can handle customers’ requests quickly and easily.

If the customer needs customised rails, shafts, or threaded spindles, they can use the configurator in their online shop to select the appropriate linear product and customise it to the customer’s requirements. Simply enter the desired quantity, length, and, for linear rails, the spacing before the first bore, and the price and availability will be displayed in real time.

The subsequent cutting, handling, and professional packaging in their in-house linear centre is included in their scope of service and not invoiced separately. What is special about this: all of PICARD’s in-house cut rails are delivered with a chamfer. This makes it easier to mount the guide carriages and protects the tightly fitted seals. In addition, the matching plastic cover caps are included as standard for each rail.

As the latest addition to their service, they offer “butt machining” on request, depending on availability. This enables rail systems to be mounted in infinite lengths. The ends of the rail faces are machined in a grinding process to enable a continuous connection of individual rail sections.

To make it easier for customers to reorder linear products, all rails supplied by PICARD are laser-marked with a ‘DMC code’. This code lets companies pull up all technical information such as manufacturer, type, dimensions, and drillings. The DMCs can be read with the WBA authentication app and PICARD’s proprietary ProScan system. This saves valuable time when reordering and allows customers to be quoted for the right product straight away.


There is no need to worry about logistics either. PICARD works with the market’s best logistics providers to provide maximum flexibility in choosing the most suitable shipping option. These include: UPS Standard + Express, DHL Standard + Express, and Dachser. When every minute counts, they also offer the PICARD courier service. Their partner transport company delivers orders within a 300km linear radius from their Bochum location at a fixed price. Deliveries over greater distances are possible by special arrangement. Alternatively, they also offer drop-shipping. This means they can ship your order directly to the customer – neutrally and in a bespoke company name.

Technical know-how

To enable you to provide your customers with the best possible advice PICARD offers stimulating technical and product training courses. Whether someone is just entering the linear motion business or wants to expand their knowledge, PICARD will be happy to design a training course specifically to meet their needs or  customer requirements.

To ensure relevant technical information for a customer order is directly at hand, technical data sheets and the specific product features of any item can be accessed (such as dimensions, country of manufacture, or material) at any time in the PICARD Online Shop. The matching accessory parts for the linear products such as the right guide carriage to go with the rail can be found as well.

Technical resellers who do not yet have access to the online shop, can simply request their personal login details at

+49 234 53993 130                                                                                                                                       


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