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    The Spring edition of Best Bits magazine has arrived!

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Synchroflex Timing Belts

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Synchroflex Timing Belts

    What are timing belts?

    A timing belt synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft in a piston engine. Syncing the valves with the pistons ensures that the engine’s valves open and close at the correct times.

    Synchroflex PU Timing Belts

    With the extensive range of polyurethane compounds available, synchroflex belts can be manufactured to operate at low temperatures, in cleanrooms, and in the food industry. The wear-resistant polyurethane and high-strength steel cord tension members used in synchroflex polyurethane timing belts ensure top performance because of the superior quality of the materials used. A highly flexible production process ensures maximum precision in the design of the belt.

    Applications of timing belts

    A timing belt also called a cambelt, includes its applications in:

    In Automobiles

    High-performance toothed timing belts are available in automobile applications.

    In Treadmills

    Here, the timing belt drive mechanism is a toothed synchronous belt that serves to transfer rotary motion from the central motor to the drive pulley.

    In Sewing Machines

    It is used to transfer motion between the sewing pulleys and the motor.

    Advantages of Synchroflex Timing Belts

    The many advantages that timing belts have over flat and round belt drives are listed below:

    • It is resistant to rust, abrasion, chemicals, and contaminants.
    • It has a low vibration and chordal effect, resulting in less noise.
    • The drive design options vary in availability and number to choose from.
    • Its power transmission efficiency is not lost with use.
    • It has an especially wide speed range when the entire speed range is developed from a single source.
    • It has excellent mechanical efficiency and suffers no loss in high torque-carrying capability.
    • There is no slippage and it has a constant velocity ratio.
    • It has a precise motion with accurate timing.
    • It is cheaper in comparison to gears and is safer to use.

    They are economically effective, as is seen in their operations, where:

    • There is no need for costly drive enclosures.
    • There is no need for lubrication systems because of their smooth and clean operation.
    • There is no need for tensioning devices.
    • Since there is no need for lubrication systems, you save money on lubricants and disposal fees.
    • Because they don’t wear out or stretch out easily, there is no adjustment needed.
    • There is no worn-out sprocket replacement.
    • Ongoing maintenance costs for roller chains are prevented.
    • Ecologically speaking, it is better as energy is saved.

    Disadvantages of Synchroflex Timing Belts

    Clients are better able to choose the right timing belt for their application when they are aware of its limitations. Some of the drawbacks of timing belts are:

    • It is necessary to change it at regular intervals.
    • It is more expensive when compared to ropes.
    • It has a relatively low transfer power capacity.
    • It is ideal for transferring at a low power level.


    If you are in need of synchroflex belts, then you can check out the link provided and go through the variety they offer at the best prices!

    Source: Bolton Engineering Products

  • RBC Bearings announces its acquisition of Race Transmissions

    RBC Bearings announces its acquisition of Race Transmissions

    RBC Bearings, a market-leading manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment, proudly announces its acquisition of Race Transmissions in the United Kingdom. Race Transmissions was previously the Master Distributor for RBC Bearings’ Dodge Industrial product line in the United Kingdom. Established in 1878, Dodge Industrial’s long and storied history has been defined by a commitment to delivering high-quality mounted bearings, enclosed gearing, shaft couplings, and belted drive products.

    Under the new ownership, the business will be strategically aligned with the Dodge Industrial product portfolio, and will operate under the name RBC Dodge Industrial Ltd.

    Dodge is dedicated to ensuring high levels of customer service through local inventory and support that Race Transmissions’ customers have come to trust. Dodge Industrial, Inc. has a rich history of manufacturing innovation and a strong presence in the mechanical power transmission industry. This acquisition further solidifies its commitment to providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

    The integration process will be executed seamlessly, with no disruptions anticipated for customers and stakeholders. To ensure continuity, all Race Transmissions employees will be retained and will maintain their current responsibilities. Dodge Industrial, Inc. remains focused on delivering superior industrial solutions while expanding its reach to better serve customers in the United Kingdom and beyond.

    More details will follow in the weeks ahead. Race Transmission would like to thank their customers in advance for their business and their continued partnership during this transition.

    Source: Race Transmission

  • New GAES Group project: introducing an integration department

    New GAES Group project: introducing an integration department

    Highly experienced engineers have been assembled for automation and integration applications at Grupo Gaes.

    GAES Group’s strategy, since it originated over 60 years ago, has always been to bring value to the industrial market in each sector. Initially, it ensured the supply of bearings for its customers’ production needs. Then came the incorporation of transmission elements to provide the ‘complete package’ required by customers. This was followed by the assembly of reducers, customisation of components, linear workshop, technical office, machining workshop, linear tables both from catalogue and designed by the technical office, predictive maintenance, and more.

    The focus has always been on being a reliable partner and providing customers with what they needed as times changed and needs evolved. All sectors have evolved in recent years, particularly the industrial sector, where electronics and mechanics have given way to the concept of mechatronics.

    Within its portfolio of products and services, GAES Group has strategic suppliers that help combine the realities of mechanics and electronics in products and services, such as ABB, PANASONIC,
    HIWIN, etc. This, along with current market needs, has led to the creation of a new business unit within the GAES Group – the Integration Department.

    This department is located within one of the group’s companies, GAES MIKROSYSTEM (Madrid), and is composed of highly experienced engineers in various automation and integration applications. In continuous interaction with customers’ key contacts, the department provides services to offer an integrated system of electronic and mechanical elements. For example, it combines a servo motor (HIWIN or PANASONIC) with pre-programmed drivers and a screen on the electronic side, along with all the mechanical elements (reducer, etc.). It also offers pre-assembled and programmed robots (HIWIN) for various applications, customised linear motors (HIWIN) for specific customer applications, programmed drivers (ABB) with mounted electrical cabinets, and sensors for “online” predictive maintenance (ABB).

    These sensors are installed in the customer’s facility on motors, reducers,or bearings, programmed to provide the necessary data for verifying the proper functioning of mechanical elements, among others. These are some examples of the services provided by this department, which already has extensive experience in implementing applications over time.

    In addition to the experience and professionalism of the GAES Mechanical Systems team available to customers, there is the unconditional support of the partners they work with (ABB, PANASONIC, HIWIN, etc.) and the commitment they demonstrate day-byday. They provide potential solutions
    based on customer needs and offer support from their technical departments once the project is defined, resulting in excellent collaboration and outcomes.

    We do not know what the next challenge in the industrial market will be, but undoubtedly, GAES Group will be there to offer its best.

    Contact here:

    +34 943445 777



  • Back to the future for electric speed record aided by precision hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    Back to the future for electric speed record aided by precision hybrid Ceramic Bearings

    Precision bearing specialist Carter Manufacturing played a pivotal role in the contribution of a new land speed record by the Drayson Racing Team 10 years ago.

    The move toward greener energy solutions continues apace and the current development of electrically powered vehicles is a big part of today’s alternative sustainable energy revolution.  Whilst most attention is focused on the ‘here-and-now’ and the future, it’s interesting to look back at some important milestones and highlights as we move inexorably toward greener, more sustainable solutions.

    One important highlight from exactly 10 years ago is the land speed record achieved by the Drayson Racing Team, recording a speed of 204.2mph for an electrically powered car in June 2013. This was achieved at the former RAF Elvington base in Yorkshire in a modified Le Mans car and resulted in giving electric powered motor racing a boost and improved credibility at a crucial moment.

    An important contributor to this success was precision bearing specialist Carter Manufacturing whose outstanding engineering knowledge and experience proved to be pivotal in helping the Drayson Racing Team achieve this monumental milestone. Both Carter Manufacturing and the Drayson Racing Team are based in the heart of the UK’s specialist motorsports location in Oxfordshire, so were ideally placed to develop a successful collaboration at a time when the development of electric cars was in its infancy.

    The project started when Lord Drayson, former Science Minister, businessman and racing driver, contacted Karl Brundell MD of Carter Manufacturing to request engineering and product support to achieve the goal of building the world’s fastest electric car. Lord Drayson was actually behind the wheel of the Drayson B12 69/EV electric Le Mans Prototype in near perfect conditions when the existing speed record of 175mph, which had stood for nearly 40 years, was smashed by 29.2mph.

    Drayson commented at the time, “It’s not the outright speed of 204.2mph that is most impressive about this record, it is more about overcoming the engineering challenge of accelerating a 1,000kg electric vehicle on a short runway over a measured mile”, he added, “However, I’ve got a great team and world-class partners including Carter Manufacturing”.

    Carter Manufacturing were crucial in helping to propel the B12 69/EV to its record by utilising hybrid ceramic bearings in the gearbox which helped to reduce starting torque, reduce fatigue, whilst also providing specialised support to members of the Drayson team for all their technical bearing enquiries.

    Another example from 10 years ago (and a very different challenge compared to the Drayson project) but which also underlines Carter’s expertise in delivering outstanding bearing solutions, was their sponsorship of ‘Team Spitphya’ competitors in the popular Red Bull Soapbox challenge. In July 2013. Team Spitphya won the London Red Bull Soapbox Race, dubbed the ‘World’s wackiest road race’, held at Alexandra Palace in North London.

    Competing with 70 other teams over a 430 metre course, Team Spitphya’s soapbox named ‘Phyabird’ was inspired by previous land speed record holders including Malcolm Campbell, John Cobb and Henry Segrave. The soapbox featured Carter’s high-end, low-friction bearings which proved to be a crucial component in helping the team succeed in the fun, yet ultra competitive event.

    Fast forward 10 years from these significant, yet very different ‘milestones’ in British engineering, Carter has expanded its range of precision bearings and tools which today are used in some of the most challenging applications across the globe. Their bearings are approved and specified into many other high-tech sectors including LNG commercial pumps for container ships, aerospace and space applications, high-end optical systems and military and defence applications.

    As far as delivering bearing solutions for today’s motorsport applications, Carter has recently moved into NASCAR as a UK company proving to be successful in supplying teams in ultra-competitive US motorsport.

    Contact here:


    +44 0 1865 821 720 


  • Fersa Bearings: The official brand chosen by Mercedes-Benz for the Atego bearings

    Fersa Bearings: The official brand chosen by Mercedes-Benz for the Atego bearings

    Fersa Bearings, the Spanish multinational expert in the design and manufacture of bearings and Powertrain solutions for heavy vehicles, has once again been chosen by the German brand to manufacture wheel bearings for the Atego truck.

    Spain, September 2023

    Fersa Bearings, the Spanish multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of complete high-performance bearing solutions for the automotive market, especially for heavy vehicles, has once again been chosen by Mercedes-Benz Trucks for the manufacture of bearings, this time for the wheels of the driven rear axle of the Atego truck.

    The Atego is a Mercedes truck model for distribution transport that is smaller and more compact than conventional trucks. It has the right dimensions for the type of transport required in urban areas and for short and medium-distance trips between population centres.

    The German multinational Mercedes-Benz is known for complying with strict quality requirements, and already in the development and construction design phase of its trucks, it attaches the utmost importance to the design and efficiency of each of the components. This is why the company has once again chosen Fersa to manufacture the bearings for this truck model, as both companies are ruled by the same quality standards.

    Mercedes-Benz began working with Fersa in December 2018, convinced by the Spanish company’s commitment to product innovation, smart manufacturing, and digital transformation. Since then, Fersa has been supplying bearings for truck axles for models such as the Actros, at its plant in Kassel (Germany). All this trajectory has been significant for the German multinational to trust in Fersa again for the Atego model compared to other alternatives on the international scene for the supply of bearing solutions.

    Source: FERSAGROUP

  • From local speciali­st to global partner for industry and commerce: Sieland celebrates 50th anniversary

    From local speciali­st to global partner for industry and commerce: Sieland celebrates 50th anniversary

    German-based Sieland reaches an important milestone and celebrates half a century of service, with second generation Stefan Haas leading the company to global success.

    This year, Franz Sieland GmbH celebrates 50 years since its founding. Known as Sieland Industriebedarf, the German company headquartered in Arnsberg, near Dortmund, is a specialist distributor for tools and bearings. Its portfolio covers practically the entire range of needs for industrial and commercial customers.

    Besides supplying a wide range of power transmission components, power tools, hand tools, cutting tools, cleaning equipment, personal protective equipment and workspace equipment, Sieland in particular offers consulting, as well as repair and maintenance services. Sieland puts a high priority on extensive warehouse inventory and their personal relationship with customers to deliver all over the world.

    The specialist dealer for industrial supplies was founded in 1973 by Franz Sieland and Rainer Haas. Rainer’s son Stefan Haas has led the company as Managing Director since 2005. “I’ve been part of the company since childhood, and I practically grew up in the salesroom,” says Stefan Haas. “The company originally started as a local business for industrial customers, craftsmen and municipal works. We supplied everything needed for repairing machinery.”

    This portfolio was extended to include power transmission as a further line of business in 2008: “We deliver power transmission components for the D2D (distributor to distributor) sector, worldwide,” says Stefan Haas. “This means we sell mainly FAG, INA and SKF bearings to other distributors in our network. Apart from these premium brands, we are also a niche provider of ceramic bearings for special applications and high temperature bearings from the German manufacturer SWC.”

    In order to expand its bearing stock capacity, since the beginning of 2023 Sieland has cooperated with a new logistics partner, A.L.S. Allgemeine Land- und Seespedition GmbH. At its 12,000 square-metre logistics centre in Arnsberg, A.L.S. is responsible for inventory management, order picking, and for shipping of Sieland’s entire product range. Loading and unloading is now carried out at 11 bays and 4 gates in the newly constructed logistics centre. “Our customers now have the benefit not only of greater warehouse capacities, but also of extended shipping times and excellent transport links to the logistics centre, which is very important for our local customers,” says Stefan Haas. In the new warehouse, Sieland stores goods on more than 1,800-euro pallets and 5,000 shelving racks. Over 20,000 power transmission items are available for immediate supply from the warehouse.

    For orders received before 3 p.m., Sieland guarantees same-day shipment or dispatch. The next step is to extend shipping times to 6 p.m. by the end of 2023. “Our comprehensive inventory ensures a high availability, which is complemented efficiently by our worldwide delivery service,” says Stefan Haas. “Because emergencies or failures of important machines happen constantly, especially in the power transmission field. To enable us to deliver the right bearing promptly in these situations, we stockpile a wide range of common bearing types. The bearings in stock can be sent flexibly via all service channels, overnight express, courier or scheduled consignments.”

    A further 60,000 items in the tools catalogue can be shipped within 24 hours via drop shipping. Another site has been acquired for Sieland’s tools division, which specialises in personal protective equipment and tools: with the acquisition of HIW GmbH, the company now has a presence in Hamburg.

    Besides classic delivery and customer-collection for local businesses, Sieland also runs a modern online shop. Following its introduction in 2014, the online shop for bearing distributors has now undergone complete redevelopment, functional optimisation, and re- branding. It allows simple access to inventories and individual prices. At www.d2d-bearings.com, bearing distributors can now check directly online whether the parts they need are available in the desired quantity.

    “As Managing Director, Stefan is a true entrepreneur with integrity,” says Jan Kruse, the manager responsible for organisational development and expansion of the bearings division at Sieland. “Stefan’s business partners value his reliability and rapid, dependable response. When times are tough, or if a problem arises, for example when a spare part is needed urgently, these situations often end up making new relationships. Because this is where Stefan and his excellent team work creatively with their business partners to find a workable solution. And it is from positive experiences such as these that strong relationships may be forged for both sides. This philosophy has been central to the Sieland way of doing business for five decades.”

    For the future, Stefan is looking to maintain the company’s existing business relationships and continue developing its service portfolio. “The path he and his employees have begun together is intended to lead to further strengthening of consulting and logistics services,” says Jan Kruse. “His values are reflected in every aspect of the company: his pleasant manner with employees, customers and suppliers, and innovative thinking which finds expression in his willingness to embrace new ideas!”

    Contact here:

    Franz Sieland GmbH

    Tel.: +49 (0)2932 97710

    Fax: +49 (0)2932 977130

    E-Mail: info@sieland-werkzeuge.de

    Internet: www.sieland-werkzeuge.de

  • Flying The Flag For Scotland — R&M Show Growth Over 40 Years

    Flying The Flag For Scotland — R&M Show Growth Over 40 Years

    A leap faith in the 1980’s began the creation of the successful business we know today.

    After establishing the business in 1983, Steve Martin began building his client base independently following local support.

    R&M was born in Dundee, Scotland over 40 years ago, by Steve Martin who had already amassed 8 years of experience in the bearing and power transmission trade; working previously for DICK Bearings and WYKO. Following conversations with local clients, Steve was convinced to go independently with the reassurance of support from nearby businesses.

    Originally trading in bearings and various types of power transmission parts, the company has developed into a leading supplier for the bearing trade in the UK, Europe and the wider world.

    R&M has had to adjust alongside the ever-changing world, as have many businesses over the past few years following disturbances such as Brexit and the COVID pandemic. Steve Martin explains, “We have managed to keep prices acceptable for our fellow traders. Since the crazy times following Brexit, we have become a leading supplier of FAG, TIMKEN and INA bearings to our UK friends.”

    Steve also explained that R&M has managed to save many UK companies the hassle and paperwork of importing parts from Europe. Preferring to be independent to the manufacturers, R&M Bearings staff have concentrated on finding the best quality stock, at the best prices throughout Europe and worldwide to satisfy the needs of their clients. And whilst official distributorships are held for NTN for particular partners, the emphasis is on buying in bulk and discounted prices and passing these benefits directly to customers.

    The growth and experience over the years mean the company are in a position to accept forward schedule orders for up to 6 months in advance, with all prices guaranteed.

    R&M Bearings distribute from a large warehouse in central Scotland and now operate internationally.

    R&M have had numerous notable moments throughout the years, and the company even sponsored Dundee United Football Club with the recognisable logo appearing on Dundee’s shirts for a testimonial match for famous ex-goalkeeper Julián Speroni. Even famous midfielder, Charlie Adam was pictured in the R&M sponsored shirt. After 40 years of R&M Bearings, the team are looking forward to what the future has in store for the company!

    Contact here:

    +44 1382 455400



  • Insulation plant saves €648,880 a year with NSK bearings

    Insulation plant saves €648,880 a year with NSK bearings

    A market-leading manufacturer of insulation products for the construction industry turned to NSK for help in solving repeat bearings failures on its band saws. Thanks to NSK’s intervention and subsequent bearing and seal proposals, the plant is witnessing impressive annual savings of €648,880.

    The manufacturer of insulation solutions for the construction sector had recently completed the commissioning of a new automated production line and was looking forward to the benefits that its investment would offer. However, production proved erratic due to repeated failures of bearings on the blade guide rollers of the production line’s three band saws.

    The situation escalated and soon became critical with bearing changes taking place on a daily basis. On occasions, the blade guide bearings were only lasting three hours, leading to costly downtime and increased maintenance. Some bearing failures were even resulting in damage to the saw blades.

    NSK received a request for help on behalf of the band-saw manufacturer to help identify the root cause of the failures and offer solutions. An engineering team from NSK reviewed the application at the customer’s site, performing a comprehensive failed bearing analysis. This activity revealed that bearing failures were occurring due to the ingress of contaminants, which duly led to the recommendation of NSK’s deep groove ball bearings with high-performance DDU sealing, using a patented full contact sealing mechanism. The contact seal design offers maximum protection against all contaminants, including dust and water, while simultaneously ensuring good grease retention.

    A trial showed a significant improvement in bearing life. Whereas before around one-third of the blade guide roller bearings would fail every day, now the plant changes its NSK bearings every 3-4 months as part of a planned maintenance schedule.

    Reductions in production downtime, maintenance labour, replacement bearings and damaged saw blades is resulting in significant annual cost savings of €648,880.

    Source: NSK

  • Lynch Fluid Controls (LFC) launches new research and development test facility for their aerospace and defense partners

    Lynch Fluid Controls (LFC) launches new research and development test facility for their aerospace and defense partners

    A ground-breaking new test facility is allowing Lynch Fluid Controls to reach new heights with hydraulic, motion-control projects!

    Lynch is thrilled to announce the opening of LFC’s state-of-the-art Research and Development Test Facility. As a leading provider of hydraulic components and solutions, Lynch Fluid Controls is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of fluid power. Their new test facility will enable LFC to further enhance our offerings and deliver exceptional testing services to their valued customers.

    One of Lynch’s key strengths lies in their partnerships with esteemed organizations such as NASA and other aerospace and defense companies. They have been privileged to contribute to groundbreaking projects and provide hydraulic solutions for critical applications. The new test facility will continue to support these partnerships by offering comprehensive research and testing services that meet the highest industry standards.

    Lynch Fluid Controls believes that thorough testing is crucial for ensuring the reliability and performance of hydraulic systems. Therefore, they have extended their testing services to all customers. Whether you are a small business or a major player in the industry, LFC’s facility is open to serve your testing needs.

    “Did you know that hydraulics not only works in space, but they play an essential role in the operation of space vehicles, their organisation and infrastructure? Properly functioning hydraulics on space vehicles, are critical to ensuring missions are safe, efficient, and successful. Lynch is proud of its role in Artemis I and looks forward to NASA’s future missions to the moon and beyond.”

    For over three (3) decades, Lynch Fluid Controls has taken pride in maintaining rigorous quality accreditations to deliver superior products with unsurpassed attention to quality, safety, and reliability. These certifications include ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, Controlled Goods Program (CGP), Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and more.

    The testing capabilities at the facility are extensive, covering a wide range of hydraulic components, assemblies, and pumps. They provide hydrostatic and dynamic functional testing, ensuring that every component meets the required specifications. Their water testing capabilities are particularly noteworthy, reaching pressures of up to 60,000 PSI.

    LFC also offers witness testing, allowing their customers to be present and observe the process firsthand. This level of transparency and collaboration is fundamental to building trust and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Along with research and testing. They specialise in custom and integrated hydraulic manifold systems, offer tailored solutions to meet unique customer requirements. In-house testing services includes hydrostatic, functional, and fatigue testing, guaranteeing the durability and performance of all products.

    In addition to testing and manufacturing, Lynch provides comprehensive support services such as cartridge setting, system integration, project management and repairs for servo and proportional valves. Their teams of specialists are equipped with the knowledge and experience to address any hydraulic challenge and provide effective solutions.

    The Engineering department can take your concepts, schematics, 3D models, engineering analysis and transform them into final hydraulic and motion control sub-systems. This streamlined process saves both time and costs, as you can rely on a single vendor for engineering, manufacturing, integration, assembly, testing, validation, and project management to execute and deliver.

    In summary, Lynch Fluid Controls is proud to unveil their new Research and Development Test Facility. With access to global hydraulic components, core competencies in manifold manufacturing, and the ability to deliver complete hydraulic and motion control subsystems, with In-house testing, they strive to be your one-stop solution provider.

    “LFC looks forward to collaborating with you and delivering exceptional hydraulic solutions that exceed your expectations. Together, let us achieve new heights in fluid power innovation.”

    Visit the Lynch website for more information about their testing facility and special projects with the aerospace and defense industries at www.lynch.ca // www.lynch-usa.com

    Contact here:

    Phone: 1.905.363.2400

    Toll Free: 1.888.626.4365

    Email: info@lynch.ca // info@lynch-usa.com

    Website: www.lynch.ca // www.lynch-usa.com

  • Belgium-based Fairon Bearings celebrates 75 years of service

    Belgium-based Fairon Bearings celebrates 75 years of service

    Fairon Bearings International are going from strength to strength 75 years on.

    Established in 1947 by Mr. Victor Fairon, Fairon specialise in the import and export of spare parts for the industry. Located in Brussels for 70 years, they are continually seeking reliable suppliers around the world to find the answer to their customer’s questions.

    As a company they import, distribute, and act as an agent for industrial spare part production plants. Their core business is bearings, but they also distribute spring washers, lubrication equipment, ball joints and everything to do with transmission.

    This year, the family business celebrates their 75th anniversary. Founded 3 generations ago, they have become a specialist in spare parts for the industry. Fairon have become a benchmark in the sector, thanks to their wide range of quality products and personalised service, contributing to their goal of supplying top-quality spare parts at competitive prices. This means that industry professionals can concentrate on their own work without having to worry about the technical issues involved in replacing faulty parts.

    Since the creation of Fairon, they have remained true to their vocation of offering superior quality products and an excellent customer experience. They have adapted to changes in the market and introduced innovative products to satisfy their customer requirements.

    The family business has grown over the years to earn the trust of customers around the world. The company’s expansion abroad has been a real success, with distributors located in several countries. This success is the result of the expertise and commitment that every member in the company has shown. The achievement has also attributed to the management’s ability to pass on the company’s family values to their employees.

    In short, the company are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, remaining true to their family values and commitment to supplying top-quality spare parts. The family-run company continues to develop to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry, while listening to their customers.

    The team at Fairon plan to celebrate 75 years of success by throwing a party with colleagues, friends and family at the end of September.

    Contact here:

    +32 22 409580



  • Conserving the earth, the CW bearing way

    Conserving the earth, the CW bearing way

    The well-known bearing manufacturer CW Bearing has declared a goal to conserve the earth’s resources and reduce their negative environmental impact they currently have.

    For almost 40 years, CW has specialised in the development and manufacture of a wide variety of high-quality ball bearings. This is due to their customised solutions and application-specific advice in areas such as calculation and development, FE simulation, test stands, laboratories, technical training, and in-house exhibitions.

    In Hamburg, the engineering department has the most important test benches, as well as laboratory equipment for subsequent tests, which is positioned for complex specifications. Whereas, the logistics centre controls and monitors the entire supply chain from the production sites in North America and Asia to the shelves of European customers. A modern high-bay, 5,300 sq metre warehouse is available for stocking and serving these customers. Once again, the respective customer requirements are decisive ‑ both for incoming goods inspection and for shipping. CW are always happy to use environmentally friendly, reusable containers.

    CW’s declared goal is to conserve the earth’s resources and reduce negative environmental impacts. To achieve this goal, company-wide environmental standards such as DIN EN ISO 14001 have been implemented. CW also contributes to increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions with its products and solutions. For its plants, CW has set the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90% by 2040 by becoming more energy efficient, generating their own renewable energy, switching to zero-emission transport options, recycling materials, and investing in carbon storage projects. The consistent implementation of these packages of measures has already begun. For example, three of the six factories have installed photovoltaic systems to generate renewable energy.

    In terms of production CW is widely spread, including the “rolling bearing capital” Schweinfurt as a location. In the field of technology, CW supplies well-known OEMs and medium sized companies. A growing number of trading partners enables CW to serve the needs of smaller OEMs and the aftermarket throughout Europe. In the high-volume business, CW counts the well-known automotive OEMs and tier-1 suppliers as well as, many other sub-suppliers among its customers. In addition, CW’s product portfolio includes other bearing types, special bearing components as well as, customised ball screws and worm shafts.

    Thanks to the tech centre of the Cixing Group, the product range and manufacturing capacity are constantly growing. As a matter of principle, CW follows a “0-defect policy” — for every single one of its 600 million rolling bearings per year. Production only takes place in plants that are 100% part of the Cixing Group and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

    CW Bearings are getting things moving and on the road to a sustainable future. In particular, application areas such as e-mobility and robotics can look forward to more exciting solutions in the near future.


    +49 40 67 10 80 53